Taste the Grapes!

We invite our guests to visit our partners for a delightful wine tasting experience. Because we are so pleased with the growth of the wine industry in Lake County, and we want our guests to have a brilliant tasting experience, we have selected our partners carefully. Listed below are our selected wineries.

Bell Hill Tasting Room Ceàgo Vinegarden
Rosa d’Oro Vineyards Chacewater Wine Company
Shannon Ridge Vineyards & Winery Focused on Wine
Steele Wines Tasting Room Gregory Graham Wines
Vigilance Winery & Vineyards Lake County Wine Studio
Wildhurst Vineyards Tasting Room  


You may also be interested in visiting the websites of the following organizations.

Lake County Visitor Center Lake County Winery Association
Lake County Winegrape Commission  

Things To Do

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No Name Car Show Sail Away Clear Lake in Winter
Lake in Morning Clear Lake sunrise Courthouse Square Museum
Great Room Rolls Wine Tour Tea & Scones
Our Quilt Trail   

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